BTG Works.

At BTG, our entire business model and suite of exclusive software have been designed with our clients in mind to provide superior solutions that are customized, cost-effective, and results-oriented.

Public and private sector clients of all sizes trust us to apply transformative practices to meet their business needs. With decades of expertise in inclusion programs, operations, management, and strategy services - we've built on our past successes and formalized them into the effective methodology and unique software solutions that make up our service offerings.

Our Inclusion
Program Solutions

Small Business Program Management

We assist clients with a turnkey suite of services in the design, implementation and coordination of small business programs. Our approach creates an atmosphere of transparency and trust, supports political and executive leadership communication, and balances success drivers across key stakeholders.

Workforce Development (WFD)

At BTG, we work with clients and prime contractors to ensure local communities are engaged. Our methodology helps to establish and manage local Preferred Partner Network(s) and measure success. We design, develop and implement customized WFD models to help build infrastructure and mitigate risk.

Emerging Business Growth Strategy

Emerging businesses require mature management practices to sustain growth. We assess those practices and align them with the owner's vision. Our online software, Management Maturity Model™ (M3™), streamlines the process and generates comprehensive and customized solutions.

Our work fuels opportunity
for small businesses.


Our Business
Management Solutions

Program Management and Implementation Support

We understand our clients' goals and convert their business needs into measured results. Our priority is to help them explore program relationships with major stakeholders, and integrate innovative techniques with existing processes and procedures.

Business Process Improvement (Re-Engineering)

By utilizing our Transformation Management approach, we think critically, strategically and holistically to help establish core client objectives. We focus on change requirements that will affect people, information, technology and the organization as a whole. Our approach is embedded in a proven set of processes, tailored to each client's project.

Training Development and Delivery

Our consultants are experienced in adult learning theories, blended learning techniques and online training tools and have proven experience coaching management teams and mentoring workforce practitioners. We also execute Train-the-Trainer programs, empowering our clients to use “leaders as teachers.”

Strategic and Business Planning

BTG offers a strategic planning methodology that has been used by both public and private sector clients. We employ a consensus-based process that yields high ownership and accountability. Structured decision-making sessions are facilitated by consultants with extensive field experience, and are supported with logical planning steps that start with stakeholder input and end with specific and measurable objectives.

Our work is fueled by innovative solutions.


Our Software

Management Maturity Model™ (M3™)

The Management Maturity Model™ (M3™) is BTG’s specialized online technology framework to support its Small Business Program Management and Emerging Business Growth Strategy solutions.

M3™ is designed to assess the current growth stage and management capability of businesses. An analysis of key business elements, along with “maturity” scores across seven management categories, allows us to provide business owners strategies for growth. We use the data to assess their business needs, and deliver valuable resources and business opportunities.

We also use M3™ to assess and vet small business needs, to be successful on large-scale construction projects, as a way to manage and minimize project risks for our clients and primary contractors.

Online Compliance System™ (OCS™)

Compliance requirements are necessary, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and tedious. BTG’s Online Compliance System™ (OCS™) technology is designed to support our Small Business Program Management solution. OCS™ provides organizations with an automated ability to track and maintain compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s regulation (49 CFR Part 26). It has a unique design specialized for ease of use on large scale Design / Build and P3 projects. OCS™ collects and organizes subcontractor data at multiple tiers while also presenting an enterprise view of project or program goals. Access is easy and streamlined for all stakeholders to submit, approve and report required data.


Time is more than just money. It measures the growth of your small business towards success and sustainability. Tempo™ gives small businesses the necessary tools to accurately measure growth and identify areas of strength and opportunity. Tempo™ is configurable, available from any web-enabled device, and designed to automate the otherwise tedious tasks of time management. Tempo™ follows DCAA compliance, supported with weekly activity logs and mandatory sign-offs on pertinent activities. If M3™ is the gauge that measures success, then Tempo™ is the fuel that pushes the needle forward.

Workforce Outreach Assistant (WOA™)

BTG has developed WOA™ to unify workforce development agents in the field. On the surface, WOA™ utilizes a simple form interface that restructures itself to work on any desktop or mobile device. Behind the scenes, WOA™ puts to work a robust set of automations, such as geolocation tagging and activity logging. WOA™ works hard so that workforce development agents can focus on the human elements of transforming job-seekers into competitive employment candidates.