Part 1 of 3 – Building our Communities While Replacing our Infrastructure

01/13/2017 | Joseph Lewis, Principal, BTG

Public Private Partnerships (P3s): An Opportunity to Advance Communities and Foster Lasting Economic Empowerment (Part 1 of 3)

In the US, our failing and aging infrastructure presents a set of great challenges and significant opportunities (see ASCE Report Card below). Major infrastructure and cities developed during the 1950s and 1960s are at their natural ending stage and public dollars for lifecycle replacement are insufficient. As such, Design / Build (D/B) and Public Private Partnership (P3) projects represent one credible answer to government funding shortages. They are also viewed as innovative approaches that encourage partnership, provide best business practices, and leverages private sector resources.

D/B and P3 projects are typically large in scope and government agencies face significant challenges when ensuring that qualified small and disadvantaged businesses are included to meet local, state and federal mandates. For the past 10 years, BTG has been at the forefront of this issue providing best practices to help create a fair and inclusive environment. We encourage a systemic process that seeks to create jobs, careers and contracts, with a focus on fostering lasting economic opportunity for small and disadvantaged businesses. It is this process that keeps us passionate about our work.

Opportunities to move the country forward by empowering local communities and small business owners with a platform that generates long-term benefits are abound, particularly in our major cities, where these needs are most visible.

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